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Baltimore, Maryland Concrete Contractor Portfolio

Welcome to our Projects page! For more than 25 years, Premier Concrete has provided superior service and workmanship to the region’s commercial, industrial, governmental and community-based markets.

The family-owned business continues to pride itself on quality, integrity, excellence and marketplace leadership. Please take a moment to enjoy just a few of our projects that we chose to highlight.

While there are many more projects we could have included, we simply want to provide each viewer a high level perspective of what our team is capable of. As always, if you have any questions or want to learn more about a project or our business, please feel free to connect with us via any of the numbers on our Contact page.

  1. Walmart SuperstoreOne of Premier’s signature projects was a 240,000-square-foot, dual-level international prototype which house Walmart on the second level and Sam’s Club on the lower level. The project included foundation work, slab-on-grade, slab-on-deck, retaining walls and site work. This showcase project can be visited in Owings Mills, Maryland. An interesting fact: In 1989, the first Walmart Supercenter opening in Washington, Missouri, combining general merchandise and a full-scale supermarket to provide one-stop shopping convenience. The concept has grown over time.
  2. McDonald's CorporationPremier knows how important brand consistency is. That’s why the McDonald’s Corporation entrusted Premier with much its foundation, slab-on-grade and site work in the Baltimore region for more than 20 years. By the way, about 47 million burgers are sold at McDonald’s branches worldwide each day!
  3. University of Maryland Medical SystemWorking with The Whiting-Turner Contracting Company, Premier Concrete supported a major project within University of Maryland’s School of Nursing through the construction of heavy foundations, walls, slab-on-grade, slab-on-deck, cantilevered decking and extensive site work. Additionally, the Premier team installed a linear accelerator within the institution’s Radiation Department to support its very sensitive and important work.
  4. Johns Hopkins Medical CampusLocated on the Johns Hopkins Medical Campus, Premier Concrete engaged in demolition activity and constructed column cladding and encasement and slab-on-grade, and pitched slab-on-deck with drainage elements for the Hospital’s Nelson Harvey Building. Premier was able to operate within very tight clearance to enable the successful outcome of this project, on time and under budget.
  5. Peabody InstituteA major renovation project, Premier supported a much needed parking garage to office space conversion effort. The scope included floor leveling, structural slab replacement and slab repair work. This beautiful building sits in Baltimore. Founded in 1857 by philanthropist George Peabody, the Peabody is the second-oldest continuously operating conservatory in the U.S., next to the Oberlin Conservatory of Music.
  6. Johns Hopkins HospitalWorking with McKenzie Contracting, the Premier team constructed infill slabs to support a mini-track system which enabled underground transportation between medical buildings. Additional slab-on-grade, trench work and elevated step projects were also completed. Did you know that Johns Hopkins Hospital is ranked nationally in 16 adult and 10 pediatric specialties?
  7. Royal Farms Convenience StoresRoyal Farms entrusted the Premier team with much of its foundation, slab-on-grade, textured concrete and site work in the Baltimore region for many years. Royal Farms claims they use only fresh, never frozen chicken that is hand-breaded with their own blend of special spices. They also say they pressure cook chicken around the clock to ensure a fresh, juicy, great tasting product at any time—no wonder it is so good!
  8. U.S. Army Research LabWorking on Aberdeen Proving Ground (APG) in Aberdeen, Maryland, the Premier team constructed many 30’ high structural concrete walls, slab-on-grade, and engaged in heavy foundation work to support the U.S. Army’s combat testing capabilities. This very important work provides our armed forces with the capacity to test and improve the safety of those who we depend on to keep our country safe.
  9. Kirk Army Health ClinicThe U.S. Army depended on Premier Concrete to install mechanical pads, entrance steps and ADA-certified handicap ramps at the Kirk Army Health Clinic at the Aberdeen Proving Ground (APG) in Aberdeen, Maryland. The Kirk Army Health Clinic is critical to keeping our armed forces healthy and motivated as they execute various mission to keep our country safe. Did you know: APG is the U.S. Army’s oldest active proving ground, established in 1917, six months after the U.S. entered WWI?
  10. Battelle's HEAT CenterWhile working at Battelle’s Higher Education and Technology Center (HEAT), Premier installed a 40,000-square-foot foundation and completed slab-on-grade, slab-on-deck and complex site work. The $40 million Battelle project brought 300 scientific and technical jobs to Harford County, Maryland. The County is also home to Major League Baseball Hall of Famer, Cal Ripken, Jr.’s Minor League baseball team—the Aberdeen Ironbirds.
  11. WalgreensThis innovative corporation entrusted the Premier team with much of its foundation, slab-on-grade and site work in the Baltimore region for many years. Known for its convenient pharmacy and comprehensive photographic departments, Walgreens is expanding rapidly in the region.
  12. 1st Mariner BankA reputation built on its commitment to Baltimore’s local community, 1st Mariner Bank GC’s engaged Premier Concrete to handle many aspects of its foundation, slab-on-grade, retaining wall and site work at its beautiful Canton location in southeast Baltimore.
  13. Baltimore BasilicaThe historic Baltimore Basilica, build from 1806 to 1821, was the first great metropolitan cathedral constructed in the U.S. after the adoption of the Constitution. Premier Concrete was honored to be selected to add to this international monument through various concrete repairs and the installation of two ADA-certified handicap ramps.
  14. CVSKnown for delivering expert care, convenience and value, CVS entrusted Premier Concrete with much of its foundation, slab-on-grade and site work in the Baltimore region for several years. CVS Caremark All Kids Can, a program of the CVS Caremark Charitable Trust and supported by CVS Caremark, is a five-year, $25 million commitment to making life easier for children with disabilities. We applaud CVS for their corporate efforts.
  15. Pepsi-Cola Bottling CompanyLocated in the historic Hampden community in Baltimore, Premier Concrete was called upon to install structural steps leading to the main warehouse, main conference room and various employee entrances. Additionally, the Premier team constructed the warehouse floor where Pepsi product is packaged and shipped to many parts of the world. The sign viewed in this photo is iconic in Baltimore and can be seen off of the city’s famed Jones Falls Expressway.
  16. City Garage | Sagamore VenturesIn 2015, Premier Concrete collaborated with Southway Builders on a major redevelopment effort on behalf of Sagamore Ventures. Headed by Under Armour CEO Kevin Plank, Sagamore turned an old bus depot in Port Covington into an innovation hub for Under Armour and local entrepreneurs. City Garage houses manufacturing space, a mixed-used event space and work space for tenant companies, and Under Armour’s innovation division.
  17. Mt. Washington Pediatric HospitalPremier Concrete helped complete a multi-year campus renovation project for Mt. Washington Pediatric hospital in 2015. A project with an estimated 2017 completion date, Premier Concrete installed a central power plant and completed various concrete site work. Mt. Washington Pediatric Hospital is a nationally recognized nonprofit hospital specializing in pediatric care for nearly 100 years.