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Concrete Construction Positions

Monday, July 18, 2022 @ 06:07 PM
posted by Premier Concrete

Compensation: Scale Jobs $35 – $41

Employment Type: full-time

Job Title: Concrete Construction Positions

Premier Concrete is looking for concrete carpenters, operators, finishers and laborers for work in the Baltimore-Washington Area.

We are a family business and offer stability, a good work/life balance, potential for advancement, and excellent benefits.

The majority of our work is on government facilities. Background checks and drug testing are required. The ideal candidate will have concrete construction experience, ability to pass background checks for security clearances, be drug free and provide their own transportation.

We will consider applicants with minimal experience that can pass background checks.

Candidates responding to this ad may be hired on a temporary basis lasting three to six months. Permanent positions will be offered to qualifying employees after that time frame.

If you are interested in joining our terrific team, please contact Jim Workmeister at 410-344-1604 ex. 27 or email Jim Workmeister at upon emailing Jim, please attach a professional resume. ALL EMPLOYMENT INQUIRIES WILL BE KEPT STRICTLY CONFIDENTIAL.



Wednesday, February 2, 2022 @ 02:02 AM
posted by Premier Concrete



Maryland-based progressive concrete subcontractor Premier Concrete, Inc. has several opportunities in an excellent working environment for project foremen. The foreman must professionally represent Premier Concrete in all aspects of field operations and requires little supervision from and immediate supervisor. The foreman is responsible for the safe and productive management of commercial construction crews of 4 to 8 laborers. This position reports to the supervisor, project manager, estimator and upper management.

Premier Concrete offers a good working environment, excellent pay and benefits, and the opportunity for advancement. To apply, send resumes with the position you are applying to or visit

Primary Responsibilities

  • Safely and productively manage construction crew onsite.
  • Read, understand and accurately build from blueprints.
  • Plan and organize daily activities at least three days in advance.
  • Delegate tasks to proper personnel. Assemble crews to provide the proper mix for highest efficiency.
  • Inspect site equipment regularly and report issues for repair or maintenance.
  • Order supplies and necessary subcontractors to avoid delays and shortages.
  • Complete paperwork in an accurate and timely manner.
  • Maintain company trucks, including cleaning, oil changes, brakes, etc.
  • Cooperatively work and communicate with customers, employees and other trades and the general contractor in a courteous manner.
  • Monitor employees and evaluate skill levels.
  • Assist with training.
  • Assist upper management with field-related issues.

Desired Skills & Experience

  • Expert carpenter skills
  • Expert in construction safety.
  • Experience working from blueprints.
  • Understanding of the placing and finishing process.
  • Thorough knowledge of concrete.
  • Excellent time management, organization and planning skills.
  • Good written and verbal communication skills.


  • OSHA 30 Hour
  • First Aid
  • Valid Driver’s License
  • DOT Medical Card

About Premier Concrete
For 30 years, Premier Concrete has been the Baltimore concrete contractor of choice for the region’s commercial, industrial, governmental and community-based markets. This family-owned operation continues to pride itself on quality, integrity, excellence and marketplace leadership. Routinely recognized for its customer-oriented approach, the Premier Concrete team has built its sound reputation on its distinctive ability to provide concrete foundations, walls and slabs, site work, large renovation and complex reconstruction projects.


Premier Concrete Adds Supplemental Unemployment Benefit Plan

Tuesday, December 15, 2015 @ 11:12 AM
posted by Premier Concrete

Premier Concrete recently added a Supplemental Unemployment Benefit Plan to its already robust and growing list of employee benefits. Under the new SUB plan, Premier Concrete employees working on prevailing wage jobs—public or government contacts—qualify for this employee-funded savings account that provides supplemental pay during unemployment.

What is a SUB Plan?

According to SHRM, a Supplemental Unemployment Benefit Plan is a tax exempt, Section 501(c) (17) plan or trust established to provide pay to workers laid off due to a reduction in force or plant closing that supplements state unemployment insurance benefits.

The plan’s structure combines state unemployment benefits with supplemental unemployment to equal a laid off worker’s total wages prior to layoff. For instance, if the state unemployment benefit rate is $300 and the worker’s previous weekly pay was $600, the SUB would fund the trust with an additional $300 to ensure the worker receives full pay during layoff.

Breaking it Down

Prevailing wage jobs are compensated with a base salary plus fringe benefits. Employers may pay these fringe benefits in any way they choose (e.g., 401k, cash). Previously, Premier allocated fringe benefits to prevailing wage workers’ 401k account. These employees now have the option to allocate fringe benefits toward their SUB plan to ensure short-term financial security during an unexpected reduction in workforce due to specific projects and contracts ending or unfortunate weather.


SUB plans were initially introduced in the 1950s by unions of cyclical industries that frequently experience layoffs, such as the automotive and metal industries. This addition by Premier Concrete is progressive for the construction industry—there are only a handful of other companies providing this benefit in the state of Maryland.

“We recognize our employees as our greatest asset and highly value fair compensation,” said Premier Concrete Vice President Steve Workmeister. “Construction is a transient industry where our workload is affected by a variety of factors, thus impacting our workforce. Over the last year, we have been searching for a solution to provide employees with as much financial security as possible, should an unexpected need for layoffs occur. We are a family-owned business with family values and will continue to ensure we can support our dedicated and skilled employees as they support themselves and their families.”

In addition to the SUB Plan, Premier Concrete employees are entitled to 401k benefits, medical/dental/vision insurance, short-term disability, and vacation and holiday pay. To learn more about Premier Concrete career opportunities, visit


Before and After Photos of a Port Covington Renovation

Friday, November 20, 2015 @ 01:11 PM
posted by Premier Concrete


Premier Concrete worked with Davis Construction on a renovation project for a local apparel manufacturer in Port Covington, Baltimore. The team converted an old 200,000-s.f. Sam’s Club warehouse into Class A office and training space.

Premier installed concrete foundations, elevator pits, slab on grade, slab on deck and stadium seating for an auditorium.

“Our first contact with Davis Construction went very well,” said Premier Concrete Vice President Steve Workmeister. “We look forward to working with them again—they are an excellent contractor.”




Campus Renovations for Mt. Washington Pediatric Hospital

Friday, November 20, 2015 @ 12:11 PM
posted by Premier Concrete


The Whiting-Turner Contracting Company entrusted Premier Concrete in a multi-year campus renovation project for Mt. Washington Pediatric Hospital. Beginning in 2015 with an estimated completion date in 2017, Premier will install concrete for the central power plant and various concrete site work, including foundations, concrete walls and slab on grade.

“Whiting-Turner has an impressive management team working on this project,” said Premier Concrete Vice President Steve Workmeister. “It is a pleasure working with them again.”


Premier Concrete Helps Transform City Garage for Sagamore Ventures

Friday, November 20, 2015 @ 11:11 AM
posted by Premier Concrete



In collaboration with Southway Builders, Premier Concrete contributed to a redevelopment effort on behalf of Sagamore Ventures in the Port Covington area of Baltimore. Headed by Under Armour CEO Kevin Plank, Sagamore transformed an old bus depot into an innovation hub for Under Armour and local entrepreneurs.

“As our first project with Southway, we were impressed by their team’s extremely fast pace while also completing and managing the project with high efficiency,” said Premier Concrete Vice President Steve Workmeister. “We look forward to a long-term relationship.”

City Garage houses manufacturing space, a mixed-used event space and workspace for tenant companies, and Under Armour’s innovation division. Read more about Under Armour’s development efforts and campus expansion here and here.


Premier Contributes to BGE’s Electric Reliability Investment Initiative

Wednesday, June 10, 2015 @ 09:06 AM
posted by Premier Concrete

In partnership with North American General Contractors, Premier Concrete is working on a multiphase project for Baltimore Gas and Electric (BGE). This project aims to convert a portion of the Fallsway Properties LLC parking lot into a new 155 kV switching station for BGE.

In phase one of this project, Premier will be working on the cable vault and the responsibilities include installing stone under the mat formation, furnishing and installing concrete reinforcing, constructing concrete walls, installing embeds, and applying topping slab. In the second phase of the project, Premier will be completing site work; responsibilities will include constructing drilled pier foundations, installing ramp foundations and a wall, and working on the 1,817-square-foot sidewalk along Constitution Street.

The project is a sub-part of BGE’s Electric Reliability Investment Initiative. Under this initiative, BGE is also working on other projects in the local area that will improve the electric distribution system. These improvements will help BGE upgrade the services they provide to Baltimore City customers by minimizing the frequency and duration of time that electric service is disrupted for their customers.

Construction for this project began in February 2015 and the construction is not scheduled to end until December 2015. To learn more about this project visit BGE’s website.



Premier Concrete is Hiring a Foreman

Thursday, January 22, 2015 @ 12:01 PM
posted by Premier Concrete

Premier Concrete is looking to hire a concrete foreman for immediate start. This is a management position. The foreman represents Premier Concrete in all aspects of field operations and requires little supervision from the immediate supervisor. This position requires the ability to safely manage commercial concrete construction crews while maintaining timely, accurate job records.

Reports to:

  • Supervisor
  • Project Manager
  • Estimator
  • Upper Management

Primary Responsibilities:

  • Safely and productively manage crews. Effectively and efficiently utilize crews. Appropriately delegate tasks to proper personnel.
  • Cooperatively work with other trades and the general contractor.
  • Read, understand, and accurately build forms from blueprints.
  • Plan and organize daily activities a minimum of three days in advance.
  • Complete paperwork accurately and timely.
  • Properly order supplies, subcontractors and equipment to avoid shortages, loss of productivity and delays.
  • Inspect on-site equipment and report any issues for repair or maintenance.
  • Maintain company trucks – keep clean, maintain oil changes, brakes, etc.
  • Effectively communicate with all personnel involved on a project, from architects and engineers to suppliers, other trades and Premier Concrete personnel .
  • Professionally represent Premier Concrete, Inc.
  • Assist with training.
  • Assist upper management with field-related issues.

Essential Qualifications:

  • Thorough knowledge of concrete.
  • Excellent carpenter.
  • Expert in construction safety.
  • Expert with blueprints.
  • Accurate layout abilities.
  • Understand placing and finishing process.
  • Good communication skills both written and verbal.
  • Strong organization and planning skills.


  • OSHA 30 Hr.
  • First Aid
  • Valid Driver’s License
  • DOT Medical Card

Skill Sets:

  • Assembling crews to provide a proper “crew mix,” For example, place a slower steady worker place with a sense of urgency, or place an experienced carpenter with form setters to oversee an operation.
  • Evaluating employee skill levels.
  • Recognizing and properly recording change orders.
  • Time management.
  • Accurately and productively building from blueprints.
  • Accurate lay out from benchmarks and hubs.
  • Properly ordering concrete to avoid disruptions in supply. Properly ordering stone and concrete to avoid overages.
  • Understanding placing and finishing process to achieve proper results from our finishing crew.
  • Ability to follow directions from supervisor and upper management
  • Expert carpenter skills.

We offer competitve salary, good benefits and an excellent work environment.

If you are interested in joining our terrific team, visit our hiring page and submit a resume, or contact Steve Workmeister at 410-344-1604 x26 or by email at


Premier Concrete Presents at the Craftsmanship Awards

Friday, November 14, 2014 @ 03:11 PM
posted by Premier Concrete

On November 7, Premier Concrete’s very own Steve Workmeister had the pleasure of presenting at the Building Congress & Exchange’s 76th Annual Craftsmanship Awards. The Craftsmanship Awards honor individual craftsmen whose work exemplifies exemplary skill and workmanship in the region’s construction industry. Premier Concrete is an annual sponsor of Building Congress & Exchange, and Steve serves on BC&E’s board of directors.


Premier Concrete is Hiring a Project Manager

Thursday, April 10, 2014 @ 03:04 PM
posted by Premier Concrete

As a progressive concrete subcontractor, we are matching a challenging position with an excellent environment. Premier Concrete is seeking to hire a project manager to work closely with estimators and field supervisors to improve overall profitability by thoroughly organizing jobs and monitoring schedules. We are looking for the construction experience, computer skills, creativity and discipline to manage projects from “hand-off’ to completion. In this position, experience is valued and new ideas are encouraged.


  • Organize and manage projects
  • Initiate and monitor schedules
  • Provide weekly job reports
  • Process change orders
  • Initiate RFIs and RFPs
  • Manage project correspondence


  • Construction experience with strong blueprint skills
  • Excellent communication abilities
  • Computer expertise with proficiency in Microsoft Word and Excel

Skills and Qualifications

  • Organized
  • Creative
  • Independent
  • Flexible

We offer competitve salary, good benefits and an excellent work environment.

If you are interested in joining our terrific team, visit our hiring page and submit a resume, or contact Steve Workmeister at 410-344-1604 x26 or by email at